Tuesday, 3 August 2021

INSTRUMENTAL BIOQUIMICO S.A. is a young company formed in 2003 that designs, develops, manufactures and markets automated hematology analyzers for medical laboratories and veterinarians.

Its facilities are located in the town of Villa Martelli in Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires.

Since 2003 INSTRUMENTAL BIOQUIMICO S.A. has been dedicated to the design, creation, production and improvement of its innovative products. The first series of marketing of hematology counters manufactured by IBSA was available to the public in the first half of 2007, which once in the market has had a great impact for the users. 

This is the first manufacturer of this product in Latin America, which is very satisfying at the same time is a major challenge. 

IBSA works continuously in R & D to design and manufacture instruments of excellent performance at competitive prices. 

Analyzers currently mainly produces GEO with their model: TC and MC. The latter is highly innovative. 

The GEO-MC is an instrument of measurement and characterization of blood cells for in vitro diagnostic use, making the determination of the 18 most important parameters of the blood. 

The instrument is fully automatic stay does not require the user to enter the samples to be measured, through its system of automatic sample loading, select it, makes dilutions, measure and clean the system and then move to the next determination.

The manufacture of the meters is an integrated technology with complete control of the production process from raw materials to final packaging operations. The mission of our manufacturing equipment is the consistent quality of production and quality assurance for the manufacture of parts and instruments.